May INSERT 2017
May 2017

Saturday 13th
Greater Worship Company
An invitation to artists, musicians, vocalists, dancers, technicians & banner wavers to come together to create something beautiful for God in worship. Come prepared with your instruments and tools to express your worship. Starting at 4.30pm and ending around 7.30pm; by invitation only. Please speak to Pastor Sue if you would like to attend

Friday 26th to Sunday 28th
Glory in the City with John Shiver
We are working with ICIMA and Oasis church to host three evening meetings over this weekend. Friday night will be at The Oasis Church in Colliers Wood; Saturday evening at the Kalos Centre and Sunday evening at Elim Church in Clapham. Doors will open 30 minutes before the start of each meeting [7.30pm on Fri & Sat; 5pm on Sun]. We want to encourage you to be praying for these meetings and to particularly be thinking about who you might invite. The meetings are open to people of faith or no faith who are interested in experiencing God
Youth social Nov 5th
Levi's dedicaton service
Youth social Nov 5th
Levi's dedicaton service

Sunday 11th
Big Lunch Street Party 
12pm to 6pm
Join us as we share lunch and much more with our neighbours in a simple act of community, friendship and fun. Last year hundreds of people gathered for street parties across the country to celebrate the Queen's 90th birthday. This nationwide annual event has brought neighbours and communities together over a shared meal for many years. For further details and inspiration about the event please visit the Big Lunch website. 

Thursday 15th to Sunday 18th
Young Men's LEG trip
The intrepid group of BCC Young Men [Joseph, Eben, Eoin, Anthony, Jono] will be travelling to Tenerife to walk up the second highest island volcano in the world [el Teide approx 12,000 ft]. Pray for the days they are away to be a time of great bonding and deepening of their ‘wow’ factor for God.
Youth social Nov 5th
Levi's dedicaton service
Youth social Nov 5th
Levi's dedicaton service

Friday 14th to Sunday 16th
Gareth and Sandra Duffty visiting
Please keep Saturday 15th available for any teaching we may organise with Dufftys
Youth social Nov 5th
Levi's dedicaton service

Friday 11th to Sunday 13th
Tree of Life Realities weekend with John Mastrogiovanni
We have invited Dr John to lead a weekend of teaching which builds on the
Genesis factor foundational teaching he has brought to us over the past few years. Open to anyone,
but people who have previously attended the Genesis Factor weekends may find this weekend particularly inspiring. You can book online or contact the church office to
reserve your place. Cost is £90 per person for the weekend. These are the subjects
Dr John will be covering over the weekend:
Session 1 – The New Priesthood “Melchizedek” “How you perceive God will determine how you perceive yourself, those around you and the world you live in.” 

Session 2 – Blood Covenant, Sacrifice and Gods of Violence “’Knowledge’ of what is perceived as truth doesn’t reveal God, rather, recognizing the ‘Nature’ of God will unveil the truth.” 

Session 3 – Rebooting Creation, Rebuilding the Vessel “Recognizing habitual grace in the eyes of God is our eternal Rest.” 

Session 4 – The Garden of Eden “Recognizing the Tree of Life in the Garden, is discovering the dimension of Limitless Potential.” 

Session 5 – The Science of Truth “Perceptions of what is right, the facts, and that which is certain, what we call the apparent truth; may have nothing to do with truth at all.” 

Session 6 – Actualizing of Limitless Potential “Life will not be contained! Life breaks free, it expands to new territories and crashes through barriers, painfully maybe even dangerously… BUT… Life finds a way!” Dr. Ian Malcom, from Jurassic Park Written by Michael Crichton   

We also hope Dr John will teach midweek while he is in London. Details to follow
Fri 25th to 28th
Greenbelt Festival, Boughton House, Northants
An invitation to anyone interested in exploring transforming society from a radical Christian perspective. Speak to Pastor Des if you are interested in attending. Discounted tickets being offered to any CITIZENS UK member institutions. Pr Des is thinking of attending Sunday 27th and Monday 28th August and will be staying at Nettle Hill with the Dufftys. Anyone welcome to join him if they are thinking of being at the festival.

Saturday 2nd
Kalos Centre Autumn Clean
9:30am - 3:30pm
This is one of two days in the year when we encourage members of BCC to come together to help clean the place we call our spiritual home. We would like to encourage you to come for as much of the day as you are able to.
Youth social Nov 5th
Levi's dedicaton service


In May we will return to the normal cycle of meetings with a focus on one of the following each week: social, Bible study, prayer and caring for one another. 

If you are not  currently in a LEG and would like to join one, please speak to Pr Des or Pr Sue



09.15 Setting up
09.45 Prayer
10.00 Hospitality
10.30 Worship 
12.00 Disciples Classes
13.00 Clearing up


*except for our last Sunday of each month when there are no Disciples Classes, and we will come together for an all age worship service and communion

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Greenbelt Festival runs over the August Bank Holiday weekend. All welcome
An report from John Shiver's vist to India
The crowd of people that came Saturday night was much larger than the Friday night meeting.  There are four acres leased, and all the land area was full - probably around 5-6,000 people were in attendance.  As it was Friday night, there was a great sense of the presence of God, and the people were very attentive and receptive.  A former Bollywood star came to give a very impactful testimony of how he was saved and came out of Hinduism, then John preached on the scripture. There were 600-700 souls saved. It is really remarkable to see the hunger and thirst that these precious ones have for the gospel.  After trying to serve 300 million gods that are all mad and need appeasing, the gospel of Jesus Christ is like fresh, clean water pouring down on them.


Regular weekly rhythm of prayer will continue every Wednesday at The Kalos Centre from 6.30pm to 7.30pm


Intercessors meet every Thursday morning from 9am to 10am. Please speak to Daksheenie if you would like to join this group to pray


Rose will be travelling to Australia on April 24th to visit Rachel and attend her niece’s wedding. She plans to return on Monday 22nd May


Kate Bekoe returns from Ghana on Monday 8th May

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