Our History

The kalos Centre, Balham

The Balham assembly of Brethren believers soon outgrew their original meeting place in Balham Grove, and moved to a newly built hall on Endlesham Road in 1934 which is now called The Kalos Centre. Endlesham Hall survived the bombs of the Second World War, and in the 1950’s added a back hall to the original building. In the 1970’s a significant youth ministry was established at Endlesham Hall, which continued into the early 80’s. Many missionary workers were sent out to mission fields around the world during this time of growth. However, by the mid 80’s, with the growth of the House Church Movement in Britain, attracting many of the younger generation, the number of believers meeting at Endlesham Hall began to dwindle and by the start of the 90’s the congregation was reduced to just a handful of people.

In 1993, the congregation became a part of the Ichthus Christian Fellowship, and by the mid 90’s the congregation began to grow again. Through the many prophetic words given to the leaders at that time, God began to revive the 'spiritual streams that had gone underground' for a number of years. The vision God gave to the leaders of the church was beyond anything anyone could have imagined possible at that time, and over the following years God began to draw new people to be a part of the new work in Balham. He also began to connect the church community with anointed men and women from within this nation and from other nations who all contributed to developing the life and ministry of the congregation.

In 2001 God spoke clearly to the leaders about coming out of the Ichthus Movement, and in May 2003 Balham Community Church was born. Much has happened since that time which has been challenging but also very encouraging. This small but radical group of disciples is committed to living and leading like Jesus and through our life, individually and collectively, to manifest the kingdom of God on the earth, as it is in heaven. We are aware that this journey is more of a marathon than a sprint, and also aware of the need to partner with other Christians who are pursuing the same goal. We are a diverse group of people from a wide social, ethnic and generational background, but driven by a common passion and hunger for a greater revelation of God’s glory on the earth until Jesus comes again!